Developers Guide To OOPSIE

The whole idea of OOPSIE is to make your awesome idea come true. Make it easy for you to create your application and be ready for the big world without all the hassle of maintaining a complex server infratructure. OOPSIE will do that for you, out-of-the-box! It doesn’t matter if you are gonna create a small personal application or if you want to push “Big Data” from your enterprise systems for later analysis. With a few drags and clicks you can create full-fledged scalable applications and have it running within minutes. What is scalable? Well, imagine you create an app that over a night goes totally viral ands needs to handle tens of thousands of users and their server requests, how would you hande that? Don’t, OOPSIE will do it for you!

Do you really need:

  • To code huge and complex backends?
  • A huge operation department to handle your server and scale with your business?
  • To get stuck in an architecture where you can’t scale because your backend is not made for it?

NO, and why should you!

In this Guide To OOPSIE you will find everything you need to know how to create and deploy sites with OOPSIE.

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